Surfboard Art & Carvings

Surfboard Carving
One of the most valuable and sought after works of art on the Hawaiian islands.You're not just investing in a work of art. You're curating stories. South Sea Arts only uses surfboards that have been abandoned along the fabled seven mile miracle of the North Shore Oahu, boards that have washed ashore, battered by the tumultuous pacific sea. What is of no longer of use to the wave riding Hawaiians of this side of the island is reborn as treasure in our studio. The boards are cleaned and sanded to remove all of its hard-earned dings, dents, bumps, and bruises, unearthing a beautiful and expansive canvas. From there, the board's history unfolds, as Gecko expertly carves its story into the foam. Hundreds of hours go into each creation, with the artist working tirelessly until the board tells him when it's done. No story is ever the same. No board is ever the same. And if the board calls to you, it is meant to be in your home, and your home alone. Contact Gecko to request more information on South Sea Arts recycled surfboard art and carving, or book an appointment to visit the Makakilo gallery. Stay tuned for up and coming surfboard art releases.