Surfboard Art & Carvings

Surfboard Carving

One of the most valuable and sought after works of art on the Hawaiian islands. You’re not just investing in a work of art. You’re curating stories. South Sea Arts only uses surfboards that have been abandoned along the fabled seven mile miracle of the North Shore Oahu, boards that have washed ashore, battered by the tumultuous pacific sea. What is of no longer of use to the wave riding Hawaiians of this side of the island is reborn as treasure in our studio.

The surfboard’s patina, with all the hard-earned dings, dents, bumps, bruises and surf rust, is preserved and honored. Those are the details that keep the surfboards stories alive. Gecko expertly carves into the foam revealing the rest of the story hidden in other areas. Its like a collaboration that was never anticipated with the original shaper who gave it birth. From there, the board’s history and continuing life unfolds.

Hundreds of hours go into each creation, with the artist working tirelessly until the board tells him when it’s done. No story is ever the same. No board is ever the same. And if the board calls to you, it is meant to be in your home, and your home alone.

South Sea Arts Hawaiian Surfboard Carving

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South Pacific Dreams

~ Designed and Carved by Gecko, $8,000 ~

*Shipping $500

Call or email to inquire about purchasing: (808) 277-3048 / 

surfboard carving tiki

South Pacific Dreams is one of Gecko’z most inspiring works of mixed media art to date. The impeccable design is based off of the artisan’s love for French Polynesia and the distinctive art forms of its two most beautiful destinations – Tahiti and the Marquesas. On the left your find a exquisite faux woodgrain, while the right boasts a Tahitian-Marquesan bone carving warrior. Gecko’z patented pictorial overlay and signature glossing technique is unparalleled, while the coconut husk rope seals the deal on this Polynesian dream. The canvas for this creation itself is a broken surfboard that was rescued off the sands of Oahu’s fabled North Shore. This statement piece will transport your room and entire own home to the South Pacific.

surfboard carving tiki

Vintage Russ K board

~ Designed and Carved by Gecko, $10,000 ~

SOLD (from Ko Olina Gallery)

Purchased by LA screenwriter Thomas Pa’a Sibbett

Another beautifully carved surfboard from South Sea Arts’ vintage Russ K series. Standing 10-feet tall, the board will make a statement in any room of your home. The work is currently available for viewing, and sale, in the Ko Olina Gallery near Disney Aulani and Four Seasons Resort.

South Sea Arts Surfboard Art (1)

South Sea Arts Surfboard Art

South Sea Arts Surfboard Art

Vintage Board – Polynesian Engravings w/Wood Design

~ Designed and Carved by Gecko, $21,000 ~

Surfboard Carving Gecko wallhanger

Displays horizontal and comes with holders

This exquisite board boasts meticulous carvings (see images below) conveying a contemporary Tahitian and Maori design which has been blended into a classic wood-striping design on the bottom half. Hundreds of hours went into the creation of this work of art, and its new owner will enjoy it for many years to come. The original board has glassed-on fins and is foam-based, making it sturdy yet lightweight enough to hang on the wall of a personal gallery, hallway, or den.


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South Sea Arts Hawaiian Surfboard Carving

South Sea Arts Hawaiian Surfboard Carving

Vintage “Last Chance” Revival – Client Commission 

~ Designed and Carved by Gecko, $8000 ~

SOLD (commission)

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Recycled Surfboard Art Commission

Recycled Surfboard Carving

Vintage Russ K board signed by shaper George Ku

~ Designed and Carved by Gecko, $7,700 ~

This reimagining of a vintage Russ K serves as the perfect example of how Gecko preserves the history, and mana, of a surfboard. The original signature of the board’s shaper (George Ku) along with the dings and subtle cracks remain, keeping the stories told by the vessel intact. Gecko uncovers these stories as he carves, sculpts, and brings out the beauty within the fiberglass to complete the circle of life of the board.

This Russ K surfboard was displayed within Haleiwa Town’s Beach House restaurant on Kamehameha Highway, where it was discovered by a patron who felt an immediate connection to the work. The guest made an offer on the surfboard sculpture and it now hangs within his home. Circle of life…indeed.


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Recycled Surfboard Art

Board for Tiki Oasis 2018

~ Designed and Carved by Gecko ~

This special board was rescued, designed, carved, and finished for presentation (and sale) at Tiki Oasis 2018 (San Diego CA).


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Repurposed Surfboard Tiki Carving

Vintage 1970’s Makaha Boards diamond tail rescued from a landfill

~ Designed and Carved by Gecko, $8,000 ~

Kanaloa, Goddess of the Sea

SOLD (no longer available)

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